In 1970, 20 million Americas mobilized to call for greater protections for our planet. Every year since April 22 has been known as Earth Day.  It is a day that marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement.  In 1990, Earth Day went global, mobilizing 200 million people in 141 countries and lifting environmental issues onto the world stage. Earth Day that year gave a huge boost to recycling efforts worldwide and helped pave the way for the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit.  We continue to be concerned about our planet, and while the problem seems almost daunting and paralyzing there are small, very easy things that all of us can do in our home and around our town that cost nothing to very little and will make a huge impact in bettering our planet.

  • Donate the clothes and homes goods that you no longer need or want instead of throwing them away.  Locally in Westchester, we have organizations like the Northern Westchester Community Center in Katonah, that will accept gently used clothes or home goods. 914Care in North White Plains will take children clothing, jackets, shoes and books and packages them up for children locally that are in need.
  • Pick up Garbage while you are out on a hike or walking around your neighborhood.  So easy to carry a bag to collect things you see on the side of the street or trail.  
  • Consider “meatless Monday’s” to curb carbon emissions. Here are ideas for plant based meals
  • Plant a garden or a tree.  Mary Buri is a local entrepreneur that started Mars Kitchen Garden. She helps homeowners design, build and plant vegetable gardens in their yard, along with coaching and recipe ideas. 
  • Commit to not buying plastic water bottles and straws.  I know I know those paper straws are the worst but I'm willing to bet that your local hardware and homegoods store will have reusable straws. And while buying and having plastic water bottles on hand is convenient it is far more expensive than the more eco friendly reusable water bottle - we love our Tritan water bottles.  
  • Use reusable grocery and produce bags.  Hang them on your door and you will never forget them on your way out to the market. 
  • Use resuable paper towels. Every day, Americans throw away 6 million lbs (3000 tons) of paper towels. It takes 51,000 trees and 60 million gallons of water per day to produce the paper towels which we throw away after a few seconds of use. 
  • Change your paper bills to online bills. Save on all that paper coming in the mail with just a few clicks.  
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Super easy, cost effective way to help. 

Bottom line, SMALL ACTIONS MATTER! If everyone does little things it will make a huge difference in protecting our plant.  Happy Earth Day everyone! 


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